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"Of Sight and Sound"

Thursday February 27th 2018


The Stoop Series at BRIC

BRIC House, 647 Fulton Street


Brandon Ross & Ford Crull

Of Sight and Sound, an art and sound collaboration by critically acclaimed artists – painter Ford Crull, and guitarist and composer, Brandon Ross – raises radically subtle and timely questions about our point of departure as creators, and the power of art to elevate human consciousness.

Immersed in an unfolding amniotic field of musical sound while creating a large painting, his sense of physical sight temporarily muted with a blindfold, Ford Crull asks the viewer to reconsider the process and means of creation and manifestation.

Most spiritual paths subscribe to a belief that there is something inside of us all that connects us to a Higher Power. The artist and musician share this awareness, a connection pervasive in both a personal and archetypal reality. This inner path is what enables the two creative paths to merge and form a oneness that is able to look past the ordinary into the sublime.

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