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Review of “Off The End” on Making A Scene

NEW CD “Off The End” BRANDON ROSS PHANTOM STATION released 4.19.24 Sunnyside Records

“… As the title and even the band name implies, this music is clearly ‘out there,’ in its abstract and intriguing glory. One needs to be patient and let the whole performance unfold. Listening to snippets doesn’t do it justice at all, especially since there are portions that build dramatically, later recede, and reappear in even more interesting forms. This performance takes place at avant garde haven Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT without any written music or explicit instructions and features guitarist/vocalist Brandon Ross, cornetist Graham Haynes, keyboardist David Virelles, and drummer JT Lewis, with a huge assist on Sound design from Hardedge, the same unit that played at Big Ears…”


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