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Brandon’s Ross’s For Living Lovers “Immortal Obsolescence” at 2018 Winter Jazz Fest NYC

January 12th 2018


Brandon Ross's For Living Lovers "Immortal Obsolescence"

Winter Jazz Fest NYC

bR - classical & soprano guitars

Stomu Takeishi - acoustic bass guitar

JT Lewis - drums

Stephanie Richards - trumpets

New School Jazz Building

2nd Floor Theatre

55 West 13th Street, NYC

“Immortal Obsolescence”

As a musician and an individual whose work is inspired by visual art, and the visual imagination, projects embracing those dimensions have always been a part of my artistic journey.

(My) music is architectural: sonic geometrical meta-construction is a way I’ve chosen to describe the dimensional space that is established through sound.

For me, it is a multidimensional space - situated in a time-space that serves as a portal for (music) transmission from one location to another.

Carolina Muñoz’s tissue portraits inspired a composition series that I imagined as sonic “glyphs” as response to 12 of her photographic portraits of her undiscarded facial tissues. The intense sculptural aspect of these psychotherapy session artifacts, were compelling and evoked in me, a quality of sound simultaneously intimate and distant, tactile and ephemeral, violent and serene - articulating a multidimensionality of experience.

Rather than serving as an accompanying narrative to Muñoz’s process of psychoanalysis, my music is an interpretation of the pure energetic, made visible by a planned-obsolescence object, immortalized. A portrait of a witness: a single-use, facial tissue.

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